Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Saint Rod Blagojevich, pray for us

Who knew? Here we thought that Rod Blagojevich was a lying, foul mouth, abysmally corrupt politician interested in absolutely nothing but what he could get out of whatever came his way. It seems that we got it all wrong. Rod Blagojevich is a saint. I stand corrected, and I abjectly apologize to the Governor that I misjudged him.

Over the weekend, Rod "Bleepin' Golden" Blagojevich informed us that his situation was akin to Martin Luther King's, Nelson Mandela's, and Mahatma Gandhi's. Like Saint Rod, each of the three men suffered unjust imprisonment as they doggedly pursued liberation for ordinary people.

Now comes new testimony from the Governor-Saint about the moral stature of his presence in our lives. On ABC's Nightline, Saint Rod last evening observed:
I'm a very honest politician and I see myself -- and you can laugh and call this delusional -- but when all the facts come out you, will see that I'm right. This is a modern-day Frank Capra story. You remember those old movies? Those black and white movies with Jimmy Stewart and Gary Cooper? The guy who was siding with the little guy, trying to fight for them, create more opportunities for them and protect them from big, powerful forces? Well, that's my story. It's a modern day version of it.
With this new word about his intentions and the forces arrayed against him, I urge all of us to rally around the Saint's cause. Free Rod Blagojevich!


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