Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Skinny on the Proposed Stimulus Compromise

Here's the latest from Ambinder via Open Left:

The real (but technically fake) conference is almost finished, with House, Senate and White House negotiators -- (the three Republicans, Rahm Emanuel, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi) -- letting it be known that they've come to accord on at least $790 billion in spending. (ABC News has a precise figure of $789.5) The Republican Senators will pare back some of their preferred tax cuts, and the Democrats will get some of their education / state aid money restored, although both sides will have to sacrifice. The fake (but technically real) conference is slated to begin this afternoon, giving an illusion of broad bipartisan negotiation to the enterprise.

Puh-leese. Again, why are the MSM so obsessed over the "bipartisan" BS? Oh yeah, ratings! Whatever.

The important news here is that a deal seems near. And although the final package may end up costing less than the Senate bill (and maybe even the House bill), the good news is that some of the most egregious corporate fat cat tax breaks passed in the Senate bill will likely be excluded in the final conference bill in favor of more of the direct aid to working-class people included in the House bill. And if this is what emerges in the final bill, I can live with a smaller price tag if more of the aid goes directly to more of us working stiffs.

So let's keep up the pressure on President Obama & the Congrescritters to make it happen!


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