Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Clinton" and "Progressive" Aren't Opposed to Each Other

Why can't more "progressive bloggers" discover the common sense that BTD uses all the time?

[W]hen will SOME Democrats learn to appreciate the achievements of Bill Clinton? When will they learn that denigrating the last previous Democratic President is counterproductive? When will they learn that President-Elect Obama is ideologically in tune with both President Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton?

Of course, unlike President Clinton, President-Elect Obama has the opportunity (indeed the necessity) to enact much bolder policies. But if and when he does, you'll probably find that a lot of his ideas are not new - they may have been first proposed by yep, President Bill Clinton.

Let's see...

Rescind outrageous tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy? Check.

Expand health care access to those in need? Check.

Use diplomacy first to solve foreign crises instead of brute military force? Check.

And there are many more examples of President-Elect Obama promising to carry out what President Clinton started. So why won't certain "progressive Democrats" give President Clinton any credit for anything good that happened in this nation before Dubya Bush f*cked it all up?


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