Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This Week's Strategy Session

So where do we stand now? Democrats have now won the White House, at least 58 Senate seats, and at least 255 House seats. We still have a Senate seat to win in Georgia, a Senate seat in limbo in Minnesota, and 5 House seats in limbo. We still have an illegal discriminatory intitative to overturn in California, a legally questionable discriminatory initiative to overturn in Florida, and the entire 2010 election to start preparing for.

So where do we begin? Well, let's start in Georgia. Jim Martin needs our help right now.

I mean it. We are so close to winning. But if we slack off, we'll probably lose. Georgia is still a Red State, so most voters there are naturally inclined to elect Republicans.

However, this year is different. We have a great candidate in Jim Martin. We have a runoff election where it won't be too difficult to take advantage of our enthusiasm edge. We can win this election if we give it a try.

So why not go for it? What say you? And better yet, why not take some action if you're so inclined?

We'll need as many allies we can in Congress to implement President Obama's agenda of change. So why not take a shot at winning in Georgia? Now's the time to do it!


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