Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hooray! California's Supreme Court WILL take the cases challenging Prop 8, the initiative that bans marriage equality in the state. While we didn't get everything we wanted, I think we now have a good shot of overturning this hateful, horrid initiative. Let's take a look at what happened:

1) The court is taking the case on an expedited schedule, meaning that first briefs will be filed next week, oral arguments begin in March, and a final ruling will likely come in May.

2) The court did NOT issue a stay on enforcing 8 while the court hears the case, meaning no marriage equality in California... FOR NOW.

3) The court expressed concern on the matters of whether Prop 8 is an attempted constitutional revision improperly sought after & whether Prop 8 improperly undoes constitutional protections against discrimination by sexual orientation... Meaning that the court is at least paying attention to our concerns & willing to hear what our lawyers have to say.

Overall, this is good news. While we don't know what will happen early next year, we do know the court has concerns about Prop 8 & the judges aren't dismissing this case any time soon. We now must remain vigilant & keep fighting until we win & we have our full rights!


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