Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekly Strategy Session: If They Won't, We Will!

OK, everyone! Ready for this week's strategy session? I am! We need to talk. Seriously.

Unfortunately, many of our Senators decided to ignore us & let "Traitor Joe" Lieberman off the hook. He keeps his dear Homeland Security Committee chair and he only loses one Environment subcommittee chair. After working aggressively AGAINST Democrats, he only gets a weak slap on the wrist and a meaningless "condemnation" from real Democrats.

Is this for real? REALLY??!! Did Traitor Joe just get away with almost murdering the Democratic Party?

I don't know about you, but I'm furious! Even my own Senators in my reliably Blue State couldn't muster the courage and the decency to hold Traitor Joe accountable for elliing out his integrity and our party for his additional 15 minutes of infamy with his beloved Johnny Mac. How could they? How could the Senators that we elected cave into Traitor Joe?

It's not like he actually does his job. On the Homeland Security Committee, he's never held one investigation into the botched response to Hurricane Katrina or our continued national security challenges. He's always caved into Republicans in agreeing to confirm radical right judges who consistently oppose civil rights, workers' rights, and environmental protections. He always runs to the corporate media to bash real Democrats and bad-mouth our now President-Elect. So again, why are Democrats rewarding Traitor Joe for failing all of us?

If they won't do what's best for our party and our country, then we must. It's time for us to hold "Traitor Joe" accountable. The aforementioned (as in linked) petition to start a campaign to unseat Traitor Joe in 2012 looks like a good start. But what else can we do? That's where I need your help!

What can we do in the coming months to not just defeat Traitor Joe Lieberman, but really hold accountable all those politicians that break their promises to us before actively working against us? Let's talk about it. And once we have a plan of action, let's make it happen!


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