Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where Do We Go Now?

Today is our first weekly strategy session post-election. We have some HUGE decisions to make. Later on, I'll be sharing my ideas of what we can do next. But first, I want to hear from all of you!

So what should we focus on now? What can we do in the coming days and weeks and months to overturn the horrendous marriage bans in California & Florida? What can we do to help those Democrats still locked in too close to call races? What can we do now to prepare for 2010 & 2012?

And perhaps more importantly, what do you want to be President Obama's policy priorities? What should be the top issues we ask President Obama & Congress to tackle ASAP? Where should the new administration begin?

This week's strategy session will be two segments. Now, I want to hear from you. Later, I'll discuss my ideas. And in the coming days, we'll formulate a plan of action for the next four years.

Sound good? I hope so. Now let's start talking!


CorgiGuy said...

Here's what i would like to see the new administration deliver

1) Jobs,Jobs,Jobs - restimulate the economy by creating public works project.

2) HealthCare Reform - make healthcare affordable to all.

3) IRAQ - bring the troops home ASAP!

4) Energy Independence - create jobs by reinvesting in alternative source of energy.

5) Home Foreclosures - provide refinancing alternatives to those that are down-under in their mortages.

atdnext said...


Wow! You really have your priorities set! Have you gone to change.gov yet to submit this? You should!

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