Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Not Too Late to Give the Gift!

OK, so we have one week left until Christmas & Kwanzaa. Have you bought your gifts yet? Let me help. I have a great idea on a gift that your friends & family will simply love.

And better yet, you don't even need gift wrap!

Now's the perfect time to give the gift of equality! Instead of attempting to scour the malls for the usual iPods or food processors or Nordstrom gift cards, why not give a gift that your loved ones will really cherish, especially your LGBT loved ones still fighting for their civil rights! I mean, what could be a better holiday gift than equal rights?

We are so close to making so much progress. The California Supreme Court will hear the lawsuit to overturn Prop H8 in March, and our side has a great case prepared to win marriage equality in court. And no matter what happens in court, our political allies are already preparing to win marriage equality in the 2010 election.

And better yet, we're on the verge of victory in additional states. A legal suit for marriage equality is being heard in Iowa. The New Jersey Civil Unions Commission has recommended that the state institute marriage equality. Legislative action for marriage equality is in limbo in New York. We're so close in so many states, and the extra push we make can make the difference.

We can make the difference in organizing for equal rights in California by supporting Courage Campaign's Repeal Prop H8 Campaign. And to support efforts all over the nation to defend our civil rights, we can make the difference by supporting the ACLU's LGBT fund. And if you have a favorite LGBT civil rights group in your area, please go ahead & give to them as well!

Do something different this holiday season. Share some love with your friends & family. Give the gift of equality to the ones you love. Believe me, you won't regret it!


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