Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars: Best & Worst

(Originally posted at The Liberal OC. Image courtesy of The New York Times.)

OK, you can thank me for watching The Academy Awards (with TalkLeft) so you didn't have to. Here are my thoughts on what happened last night:

1. May we now just refer to 2008 as "The Year of Slumdog Millionaire"? I mean it. Barack Obama was elected President in "The Year of Slumdog Millionaire". The Olympics were held in Beijing in "The Year of Slumdog Millionaire". Orange County had a wild year during "The Year of Slumdog Millionaire".

2. Fortunately, The Academy did give some love to "Milk". It's really about time Hollywood recognizes that LGBT people are more than just stage props. Queer history is American history, too.

3. Why the hell was "Frost/Nixon" denied any award? This is also an important part of American history. And hey, this may be the best movie Ron Howard has ever directed. So why are they going home empty handed?

4. Is Hugh Jackman hot or is Hugh Jackman hot?

5. While he didn't completely fall on his face last night,'s famous Nate Silver was just a little "pwned". Sometimes, computer simulations can't accurately foretell what can be very emotional decisions.

So what were your favorite moments from Oscar? What didn't you like? Let's talk Oscar this morning. ;-)


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