Friday, April 3, 2009

Iowa Supreme Courts Rules in Favor of Marriage Equality!

(Also at OC Progressive)

I just wonder when California, New York, and a host of other states will come to their senses (once and for all). Are CA's Supremes noticing the language in the ruling? Is Vermont's Governor noticing? What will it take for Prop H8, Arizona's Prop 102, Florida's Amendment 2, and all those other H8ful measures to go down?

Well, at least Iowa has now allowed full equality for its gay & lesbian couples. I just can't help but to follow Pam's House Blend as they track all the crazy fundie wingnuts' heads exploding. They say that "as Iowa goes, so goes the nation", so may this be the bellwether that starts moving the rest of the nation (including California) to marriage equality?


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