Sunday, June 22, 2008

MediaFail: Bolton Edition.

On Thursday, Fox News’s John Gibson had former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton on his radio show. They discussed Obama’s foreign policy. Bolton charged that “the best outcome” of an Obama presidency would be “a replay of the Clinton administration,” meaning “more embassy bombings” and “more World Trade Center attacks”:

GIBSON: The Obama team is going back to some of the old complaints about the war and the war on terror…that the left has been articulating for a long time now, and not really coming up with anything new.

BOLTON: Yeah I think honestly that’s an optimistic view of it, that it will simply be a replay of the Clinton administration. It will simply have more embassy bombings, more bombings of our warships like the Cole, more World Trade Center attacks. That would be the best outcome from that perspective.

Here's a listen:

Gibson failed to ask and Bolton declined to mention that the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon occurred during the Bush administration, while Bolton was serving in the Department of State.


Anonymous said...

He also forgot to mention that Bolton was so unpopular that he could not be confirmed as ambassdor to the UN when the GOP still controlled the Senate. He couldn't even get out of committee because GOP senators were so worried about his condescending attitude was hurting American diplomacy.

Anonymous said...

If Obama is the second coming of Bill Clinton, I will be very happy. After 7.5 years of incompetence we should be so lucky!

canadian gal said...

yeah - its hard to figure out who is a bigger FAIL. fox or bolton.

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