Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Open Thread

Is it just me or does it really feel like Summer has now arrived? It's still morning here in "The OC", and the thermometer is ALREADY soaring past 80°F! Now please excuse me while I throw myself into the Pacific Ocean to cool off. ;-)

OK, but before I leave let me extend an invitation for all of you to blow off some steam in this open thread. What's making you red in the face now? A big chunk of Democrats (including, sigh, Barack Obama) capitulating on FISA? John McBush whining and screaming because he doesn't have the grassroots support that Obama does? McBush & the CReeps pushing to drill off the coast? It's OK to vent & cool down here.

And in a little while, I'll check back in. I'll even bring back some nice California Coast photos for you to enjoy. I know these last few days have been frustrating for us politically. That's why I'm stepping back now to take a breather and enjoy the scenery. Care to join me?

'Til later... :-)


Nancy said...

Please go to:

and vote for Erik Fleming. Erik is the democratic nominee from the state of Mississippi for US Senate. The winner of this contest will receive 5k dollars toward his/her campaign. Read more about Erik at: Thank You!

Loyal Democrat said...

Where are you at, Andrew? I'm on my way to Huntington. Is that the beach where you're at? ;o)

Anonymous said...

It is hot and humid here in Shanghai! Thank god for AC.

If John McCain can't raise enough money to be competitive that's his problem. He needs to get over it.

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