Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Will You Please Help Me Help Barack & Hillary?

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OK, I need to ask you all for help. I'm in need of major help now. You see, I have some friends that need some help so that they can make a HUGE difference in our country very soon. Will you please help me help them?

Well, I'm sure now you know who I'm talking about. Barack Obama needs our help now. We're approaching the ned of the fundraising quarter, and it would be great if we push Obama over the top and give him another record-shattering flood of money so that he'll be ready to crush John McBush and the GOP this fall. Will you please help me help Barack?

Oh wait, and will you also please help me help Hillary Clinton? Hillary still has campaign debt to retire... And the sooner she retires this debt, the more time she can spend making sure Barack wins. Will you please help me free Hillary from this debt?

And finally, will you please help me help my favorite local Democratic women running for Congress? As you very well know by now, Future President Obama will need as many allies as he can to make the progressive agenda we want happen. That's why I'm asking you to help my wonderful Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez help Debbie Cook, the fantastic Huntington Beach, CA, Mayor now running for Congress to defeat one of the craziest Rethuglicans currently in Congress. Please, if you can, help us Southern California Democrats send more awesome Democrats to Congress to help President Obama?

We're approaching the end of the second quarter, the first half of 2008. We only have four more months between now and November to make an impact for Democrats. And while I'm pretty confident now about Obama's chances of winning this fall, we now need to make sure he will have long enough "coattails" to send a flood of new Democrats to Congress so we can get our agenda done. (And by the way, another great place to send money to make this happen is the DNC... Long live the 50 State Strategy!)

OK, so let me provide a summary of how I'd like you to help me help Democrats this year:

- Donate to Barack Obama!

- Donate to Hillary Clinton!

- Donate to My Congressowman's ActBlue page for SoCal Democrats!

- Donate to the DNC to Keep the 50 State Strategy running strong!

So will you help me? Will you help Barack? Will you help Hillary? Will you help Democrats win? I look forward to working with you for victory. ;-)


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