Friday, June 27, 2008

Unity... In Unity

In case you missed it...

Barack and Hillary together again... Ah, music to my ears! And this time, they're working together to beat McBush & the Rethuglicans! Wasn't today's "unity" event wonderful?

And btw, can anyone say "O/C Dream Ticket"? I told you so... ;-)


Psychodrew said...

This just confirms for me what I've already been feeling. He has my vote and my commitment to fight McCain, but nothing more. I stopped watching at the end of Hillary's speech. Until I see a genuine effort from Obama on unifying the party (not just nice words about Hillary), for me, he'll be the guy with a D next to his name on the ballot and nothing more.

atdnext said...


I understand. Really, I do. I just hope that today is only the BEGINNING of the "healing efforts" and NOT the end. And hopefully, we'll start hearing more of Barack talking about why the change he's offering is change that working people can believe in... And count on!

I'm sure the thought of this must have been hard for Hillary at first. But to see her there today, she really proved to me that she's doing this out of love for this country. She wants what's best for this nation, and that's why she wants us all to join her in electing Barack Obama as our President this fall.

So yes, I agree that more effort needs to be put in by the Obama campaign and the DNC to make the "unity" look more genuine to us Clintonistas. But still, I think we should all remember what Hillary is doing now... And why she's doing it.

Psychodrew said...

If she's expected to go around the country and do things like this, if she's expected to get her donors to contribute to his campaign, if she's expected to repeat his stupid "change you can believe in" and "yes we can" bullshit, then she needs campaign donations. If she's going to send us emails asking us to support HIM, then he needs to be doing the same to his supporters. He barely won the nomination. She was not an also ran. I'm not giving a dime to the Obama campaign until Hillary's debt is retired. Unity is not going to be a one-way street where the Clintonistas throw their money at Obama and beg for seats on the Hopemobile.

I guess I'm not as over this as I thought I was because the sight of her with him saying "change you can believe in" made me sick.

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