Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Can He Do?

When I posted my unity diary at MyDD, I was asked about what Senator Obama can do to reach out to Clinton supporters. These were my suggestions:

1. Rehabilitate Bill Clinton. His reputation took a huge beating and we believe that he was attacked unfairly.

2. Hire some Clinton campaign officials to prominent positions.

3. I don't understand the technicalities of this, but there as been talk about allowing Hillary's name to appear on the first ballot at he convention.

4. Assure that Hillary gets a prominent speaking role at the convention.

5. I would like to see him offer her the VP so she can turn it down. That would be EXTREMELY helpful. I really don't want her to be VP. The only thing is that I read that if he offered it, she feels like she would HAVE to take it or otherwise she would get blamed if he lost.

6. Email his supporters and ask for help in paying down Hillary's debt.

What are yours?


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