Saturday, July 12, 2008

For the PUMAs

A way out of our impasse:


Anonymous said...

I'd march over to Hillaryis44 and return the favor, but I don't think I could stomach the hatred that surely dominates that site, if your comments are to be believed.

We are honoring Hillary, following her lead in supporting the nominee. What you are doing, resisting and attacking Obama--and his supporters--in her name--Hillaryis44--dishonors her. At least have the decency to start a new website to attack the nominee and the Clintonistas supporting him. Don't do it in her name.

FYI, according to our site meter, we had 75 unique visitors yesterday. Less than Hillaryis44? Probably. But given the hatred that permeates Hillaryis44, I'll take our visitors over yours any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

DCDemocrat for president! I'm on board!

atdnext said...


Ha! Me, too. So when is DC running? 2016? I'm game!

May I be the senior campaign blogger? :-)


You're annoying. You don't entertain me one bit. And since you're such a boring troll, why don't you go back to His44 and stir up shit there?

sricki said...

This is BULLSH*T!

Why haven't any of the trolls attacked me yet?!? I'm totally jealous of the attention you guys are getting.

Anonymous said...

It's fair, Sricki. You have rankles, your own personal troll at MyDD. The rest of us have to share our trolls.

sricki said...

Anonymous, have you ever considered taking a course in basic English?

Psychodrew, look, one finally addressed me! Sadly, s/he spelled my name incorrectly. Seems like the trolls always have trouble with it. Rankles is a far finer troll, though. He loves me deep down.

DCDemocrat said...

Kostner, What a pleasure that you stopped by. I find the PUMA viewpoint fairly incomprehensible. It's pointless and it's going no where, and I don't have time or psychic energy to waste on either anger or revenge.

Anonymous said...

You just outed yourself. No supporter of Hillary Clinton would call a gay man "sissy." Wrap yourself around your confederate flag and go back to

As for my job, I taught non-English subjects at an international high school, including four years in the International Baccalaureate Programme. In addition, I had a position in the administration. Oh yeah, and 我也会说汉语。你是坏人。你不要脸。

DCDemocrat said...

Psychodrew: Kostner is from the south. He was a pretty faithful Hillary supporter of the most conservative stripe. He occasionally posted things at Hillary is 44 that betrayed a lack of racial sensitivity, but I honestly didn't believe he was conscious of his biases.

Anonymous said...

Stunning. I haven't been called a "sissy" since at least high school, probably earlier. Whatever happened to make those comments go away, THANKS!

Anonymous said...

That's the whole point. You don't know me. You "heard" about this website some friend, stormed over here like an angry child, and started attacking us.

If you were a progressive to any degree, you would not be throwing around the word "sissy." It's been at least since HIGH SCHOOL that I've been called that name.

I grew up gay in WV and I moved to China five years ago, alone, to start a new job. I had to adjust to a new country and culture and struggle with a difficult language. Nobody held my hand. I think I'm a pretty strong person. I think it takes a strong person to accept defeat--as Hillary has--and move forward to unite the party.

If you wanna see weakness, look in the mirror, my friend. It takes guts to put yourself out there the way we have at this blog. Writing anonymous trashy comments using 4th grade vernacular? Not so much.

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