Saturday, July 12, 2008

Giving Credit

I've been hard on Obama for what I perceive to have been his weak outreach to Clinton supporters. There is a story in the LA Times about him reaching out to a Clinton donor, Jill Iscol. He called her personally to ask for her support.

Barack Obama told a potential donor to his campaign that Hillary Rodham Clinton is on his list of possible vice presidential running mates, but that her husband's status as a former president makes matters "complicated."

Jill Iscol, a faithful Democratic donor who was an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, said Obama reached out to her because he heard she was unhappy about the way the New York senator had been treated by the Democratic Party and the media.

Iscol reports that she suggested he choose Hillary as his running mate and Obama indicated that she was on his list. However, he reportedly told Ms. Iscol that Bill is a "complication."

Senator Obama, I've given you a lot of grief, but I'm glad to see you reaching out. Keep it up!


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