Monday, August 4, 2008

The Electoral College Today

Electoral Vote Dot Com currently sees that Obama has 316 electoral votes, including 197 votes in strong Democratic states, 46 in weak Democratic states, and 73 in barely Democratic states. Alternatively, the site project John McCain currently has 209 electoral votes trending his way, including 97 in strong states, 68 in weak states, and 44 in marginal states. It says that Virginia's 13 electoral votes are up for grab.

Pollster Dot Com sees the race a little different. It projects Obama with 284 electoral votes and McCain with 147 electoral votes. The balance, 107, it calls toss-ups. Where Electoral sees Obama with 197 strong votes, Pollster sees him with 231 strong votes. Where Electoral sees McCain with 97 strong votes, Pollster sees him with 112.


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