Saturday, August 9, 2008

Weekend Polling Report

Check out the most recent report from We have a mixed bag of new state polls:

Missouri- McCain +7
Michigan- Obama +4
Washington (state)- Obama +12

Obviously, Washington state won't be in contention for McCain. That's the good news for this weekend, along with Obama maintaining an edge in Michigan despite the recent turmoil there surrounding the Democratic Governor and the Democratic Detroit Mayor. Missouri, on the other hand, is starting to look less like a "Toss-up" state & more like a "Lean McCain" state. He's had the upper hand there for most of the summer, and unless Obama can bring about a major turnaround by Convention time he may need to shift his resources over to more winnable swing states like Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, & Nevada.

So what are you thinking? Which states do you think Obama should focus on winning to win the November election? Are you feeling good about our chances this fall?

Let's talk about the state of the race... Chat away!


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