Monday, January 19, 2009

Alegre: Obama's Inauguration Expenses are Worthwhile

My old compatriot from the primary wars, Alegre, is worried about the expense of Barack Obama's inauguration. She writes:
Wowzer, you'd think with our economy in shambles and millions of folks out of work, they could have scaled things back a bit this week. But not BHO and his pals, no, no, no... they're on track to spend far more than any other group when it comes to inaugural celebrations.
She observes how personal it is for her, because her husband is unemployed, and her family is barely keeping its head above water.

I am not offended by the money, and I also am about to become unemployed. The Bush Economic Disaster has swallowed my small business whole, and after 28 years of existence, the company will close down next month. I wasn't able to find any new funds, and I need to move on and likely become someone else's employee, if I can find work.

I say that to let Alegre know that Obama's expenditures are useful to me. He is spending that money here in our community. I live in DC, and Alegre lives in suburban Maryland. That money is going to purchase goods and services which otherwise would not have been purchased. It is creating jobs. It is sustaining businesses. It is an economic stimulus in our community.

But beyond that, we have elected an African American president. Three hundred and nine years after the first Africans were brought to North America in chains, we have elected a black man to serve as our president. It is a promise of hope and renewal for America. It is something that Hillary and Bill Clinton have embraced.

New things are afoot. Let us make a joyful noise. Alegre, the expense is a good thing for our local economy, and the spectacle is a good thing for the national mood.

Why can't the PUMA crowd, even now, let go of last year and embrace this one?


Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you create an echo chamber and don't allow dissenting voices. She's allowed her blog to become Alegre's Clinton Worship Center and anybody who says anything positive about the president-elect (only 26 hours left!!) is quickly banned. So she and her allies remind each other how hurt and angry they are and how justified they are in their hurt and anger. It's sad. It really is. She is such a gifted writer.

Obama wasn't my first choice and I can't say that I really like. I won't be watching the inauguration because of Rick Warren, but I'm genuinely excited. I can't freaking believe that this nightmare is almost over. It is just so sad that there are progressives are still so angry and bitter about the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries that they can't share in this excitement.

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