Thursday, June 19, 2008

AFSCME Endorsement Open Thread

"The economy is not working the way it should be, and that's going to be the goal of an Obama presidency — to make sure we've got bottom-up economic growth instead of the kind of tired, worn-out, trickle-down ideologies we've been seeing for so many years. [...] I'm going to meet with corporate CEOs sometime next week to hear from them about what they think we need to do to make the economy more competitive. [...] But I want everybody here to understand the reason we wanted to organize this is that if our economy is not benefiting the average person ... then it's not doing its job." - Barack Obama

This is why both Hillary Clinton and AFSCME (the nation's largest public service workers union have endorsed Barack Obama. We all now see that the stakes are too high for us to stay on the sidelines. We need to take back the White House and take back our country!

“Barack Obama is a proven fighter on the issues our members care about most, such as ending privatization, providing state and local fiscal relief, fully funding and supporting public services and the workers who provide them, and guaranteeing that everyone in our country has access to quality, affordable health care they can count on. [...}

“We can elect a champion for working families or we can elect John McCain and have four more years of George W. Bush’s disastrous policies. [...] When you look at McCain’s record on the issues instead of his rhetoric on the stump, it’s obvious that he’s just another Bush. McCain and the high-priced lobbyists who run his campaign promise us four more years of destructive economic policies at home and 100 more years of occupation in Iraq. We need a change now.” - Gerald McEntee, AFSCME President

Consider this an open thread. Let's talk about bringing progressives everywhere together behind Obama. :-)


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DIGG this article, it's a great indicator that the party is coming together.

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Great idea! I actually stumbled upon this via Digg. ;-)

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Great news!

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