Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The McCain Myth: Environment & The Climate Crisis

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As we've all heard, John McCain is described by the corporate media as a "maverick" and a "moderate". And for some reason, we are actually expected to believe this BS. One HUGE example is with the environment and the climate crisis.
We've been told that McCain is "pro-environment", and that he understands the severity of global warming. But upon further observation, this whole notion of "McCain the Lovable Greenie Maverick" comes into question. Just how "maverick" is he on environmental issues?

When he actually judge McCain's actions against his rhetoric, he falls short. Go ahead, take a look at what McCain has actually proposed this year. Why won't he even support the Warner-Lieberman "Climate Security Act", the most watered down and pro-polluter climate change bill currently in the Senate? And why won't he even propose to do as President what the Lieberman-Warner bill proposes? McCain's current "plan" would set in place a very weak cap-and-trade system with hardly any mandate to lower carbon emissions, no guarantee of 100% auctioning of carbon credits, and no plan to build a "greener economy". McCain currently opposes the Boxer-Sanders plan in the Senate that most climate experts believe is the best legislation in Congress now that's tackling the climate crisis, and his proposals fall far short of what Hillary Clinton proposed as a Presidential Candidate and what Barack Obama is proposing now.

And wait, it gets worse. In case you haven't heard, McCain now supports offshore oil drilling! Now how the heck does offshore drilling lead to a cleaner and greener energy future? Oh yes, and if McCain didn't look like enough of a pushover for oil companies, get a load of this: He recently announced that he opposes any windfall profits tax on Big Oil that would help raise the revenues needed to invest in real clean energy solutions! Now how in the world is that "eco-friendly"?! I don't get it.

So go ahead, compare and contrast what McCain thinks on environmental issues to what Barack Obama thinks. Don't you see a rather BIG difference? McCain talks tough, but doesn't deliver. That's why the League of Conservation Voters gives McCain a lifetime green score of 26%, a full 70% lower than Obama's lifetime score of 96%. Now who really sounds like the earth-friendly candidate in the race? Need we ask Al Gore?

For me, for "The Goracle", for Hillary, for the environmentalist community... For all of us, the answer is clear. John McCain may be better on environmental matters than much of his Republican Party, but he's still not much different from Bush & Cheney. He's all talk, but little action. And when we have an entire planet in peril, we don't need any more nice talk... We need real action.


Anonymous said...

The McCain plan on the environment: It's God's creation. We can't destroy it, so why protect it.

Student Guy said...


Very nice, you certainly bring along with your exceptional quality an high level of prolificness.


atdnext said...


Ha! Did John Hagee advise McBush on that? Or was this Pat Robertson's doing? So much for McBush not associating with "agents of intolerance"! ;-)


Thank you. I try. I'm honored that you actually think that highly of me. I don't. hehe ;-)

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