Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hey, Bush & McCain: Why The Thrill of the Drill?

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Recently, there's been plenty of talk by Republicans like George Bush and John McCain about lifting the federal ban on offshore oil drilling. They claim that because gas prices have become so high, it's time for us American to stop being worrywarts and embrace the thrill of the drill. They claim that a good way to start bringing down gas prices is by drilling for more oil domestically.

But hold on, just how wise is the Bush-McCain plan to open up our coast to more drilling?

So how much of an effect will offshore oil drilling have on increasing supply? And how much of an effect will it have on making our nation more energy independent? Let's see...

Actually, all this coastal drilling won't do much to affect anything. You think I'm kidding? No, it really won't.

First off, we're running out of oil... FAST! There's only a finite amount of oil on this planet. And pretty soon, there simply won't be much left. Don't believe me? Believe this guy.

And secondly, we're running out of time to deal with the climate crisis! And really, how are we creating a cleaner energy future by drilling for more oil? We need more renewable energy, not more fossil fuels. Saving our planet is just too important for us to ignore.

And finally, this whole scheme for offshore drilling is simply impractical. We would not be seeing any "benefits" of increased supply and lower prices for many years to come. And finally, production of this new oil may end up being so expensive that we may never see any benefits of lower prices at the gas pump.

When we really examine the situation, it becomes easy for us to see that this "idea" to open America's coasts to offshore oil drilling is simply stupid. It's economically impractical. It's environmentally disastrous. It's the wrong way for us to go on building a secure energy future.

I mean, really... Do we want this just off our shoreline?

Now do you? I didn't think so. Thank Barack Obama for doing the right thing and supporting real efforts to create a cleaner, greener, better energy future.


Loyal Democrat said...

I used to believe this. But the more I learned about global warming and peak oil, the less of a fan I've become of drilling for more oil. We really can't solve our energy problems by doing more drilling.

Loyal Democrat said...

Oh yeah, and McCain's a hypocrite. I thought he was pro-environment. He obviously doesn't care about our planet if we wants to wreck our oceans and mess with our coastal ecosystems.

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