Saturday, June 21, 2008

Help Spread the Word about John McCain

Full Disclosure: I am backwards technologically.

There is a great post at MyDD on polling data that shows that our efforts to make the case against John McCain are working:

Obama - 62% favorable to 26% unfavorable
McCain - 49% favorable to 37% unfavorable (A drop from 54 in last poll)
Clinton Supporters' view of Obama - 70% favorable to 18% unfavorable.

But there is still plenty of work to do and there is something that we on the blogosphere can do to help. Every time you type John McCain or McCain in a post, diary, comment, whatever, link to one of nine stories about John McCain’s conservative positions on issues like abortion. This story at TalkLeft explains why these stories were chosen and how creating all of these links will help. Basically, our goal is that when people type “McCain” or “John McCain” into a search engine, these stories will appear on the results page.

I created a word document with the hyperlinks and I copied and pasted them into every comment, diary, and post I wrote on internet. A few days ago, StudentGuy pointed me to a website that created a widget (yep, don’t know what the hell that is) that will make it much easier. You just add this link to your bookmarks and every time you write a post or comment, click on the bookmark and it adds the hyperlinks for you! Another widget from this website is responsible for the “Real McCain” links on our blog.

So visit these websites. Add the tools. Spread the news that John McCain is not a maverick or a moderate and that we need to keep him in the desert where he can enjoy fresh air!


Lin said...

great idea. I like this a lot. And thanksfor your comment in the Dishonoring Hillary post. hi to you too :0 :)

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