Thursday, June 19, 2008

The McCain Myth: The Economy & Fiscal Matters

As we've all heard, John McCain is described by the corporate media as a "maverick" and a "moderate". And for some reason, we are actually expected to believe this BS. One major example is with economic issues.

We've been told that McCain isn't an extreme right-wing ideologue who messes with working people and only promotes tax cuts for the super-rich to solve everything. And once upon a time, this might have been true. But as seasons change, so has McCain.

Let's take a look at McCain's current economic proposals. Let's examine how Mccain has gone from Bush critic to "Bushonomics" lover. Let's examine what McCain is actually planning to do as our next President. Do you believe me now?

Just like Bush-Cheney, McCain's economic proposals are nothing more than tax cuts for the ultra-rich, unnecessary corporate welfare, and laissez-faire deregulation that undos the regulatory system that has made American capitalism so strong. The kind of "change" McCain is talking about on the economy isn't the kind of change we want. Rather, he's just relying on the already discredited "supply-side economics" to justify screwing over working-class people some more.

So are you convinced now? John McCain isn't our friend on the pocketbook issues that matter to us so much these days. He won't do anything about unemployment. He won't fix our broken trade regime. He won't forego additional needless tax cuts for the ├╝ber-wealthy to help struggling working people. He won't protect Social Security from dangerous privatization schemes. He's simply another Republican pandering to Wall Street while he ignores the cries for help on Main Street.

Oh, and before I go, let me show you these videos. When I saw them, they helped me see the big picture. And yes, they also shoe what John McCain is all about. Do you want this guy deciding how to steer our economy?


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