Sunday, June 29, 2008

HOUND v. PUMA: What Would Hillary Do?

(Cross-posted at Hillary Feminists for Obama and MyDD)

Apparently, we have a new round of fighting occurring here at MyDD over "PUMA". Now I know it's easy to just become angry and scream about it... However, I'd like for us to all calm down and really think about what this "PUMA" phenomenon is supposed to be all about. Oh yes, and why don't we think about WHO this is supposed to be all about?

So what does Hillary think about this "movement" being built in her name to slash and burn the Democratic Party? Well, I think we now know what the answer is. Hillary couldn't have been clearer in asking us who've supported her all the way to do what she's doing now.

And yes, I really do believe Hillary is 120% genuine now in her support for Barack Obama. Frankly, I think the "PUMAs" who are running around saying that Hillary is being "forced" to do this are onlt reinforcing the negative stereotypes of Hillary being the "conniving, power-hungry witch willing to do anything to mnake it to the top". I really think these "Hillary really doesn't support Barack" rumors are a grave dishonor to both of these wonderful Democratic leaders and everything they stand for.

OK, OK, so some of these "PUMAs" acknowledge that Hillary truly does care about the Democratic Party. So now they ask: Why should we? Aren't they throwing Hillary Clinton Democrats under the bus now? And if we don't "punish" them now, how will they ever learn their lesson?

Well, I'd rather not rehash old battles from the "primary wars". But still, even I must admit that I still have raw feelings over the much of the party staying silent while Hillary and her supporters were being viciously attacked. And yes, as a volunteers who traveled to Nevada for the Caucus there I saw for myself the unsavory lowlights of the caucus system. But hold on, how is electing John McBush an appropriate response to what happened to Hillary?

This is why my heart warmed up when I saw this from PA. Gov. Ed Rendell:

PUMA advocated that Hillary Clinton supporters do not vote for Barack Obama just for the sake of party unity. Even though we in HOUND are loyal Democrats, we agree that no one should cast a vote for President because of a desire to achieve party unity. We believe Sen. Clinton supporters should vote for Sen. Obama because, as Hillary herself said so forcefully and poignantly in her great speech a few Saturdays ago, the best way to achieve the changes she has fought so hard to bring to America, and on which she based her campaign, is to support Sen. Obama, whose policies are almost identical to hers.

The Clinton-Obama plans on health care, the economy, energy, education and on ending the war in Iraq represent the core values that made us all Democrats – values and positions that are light years apart from the conservative policies enunciated by Sen. McCain (e.g., voting against S-CHIP, voting against raising CAF standards, voting against equal pay for women, voting for increased tax credits for big oil and against extending the credit for the production of renewable energy, expanding an increase in the Bush tax cuts, promoting a war without end in Iraq, etc.) If you care about these things, and we believe PUMA members do, then you must support Sen. Obama.

No one worked harder than I did for Hillary and I believe no one could admire her and what she represents more that I do. But we must get over our disappointment and, as Hillary said, not waste time looking back and thinking about what might have been. Our country’s challenges must be addressed immediately, not four years from now. Our beloved country simply cannot afford four more years of Republican do-nothing-for-people government. PUMA members risk just that – it could be a Ralph Nader 2000 redux. Don’t let that happen. Close your eyes and think about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton standing together united at a ceremony for the bill signing of legislation that guarantees every American affordable, effective healthcare.

Now yes, both Gov. Rendell and I may have complaints about certain aspects of this last primary season. And yes, there are ways for us to fix these problems within the party. However, we must not let our anger from the primaries lead us to making the fatal flaw of allowing McCain to make the nightmare of a thrid Bush-Cheney term into reality. Or as Hillary said it on Friday, we have a unique opportunity to make change happen now and "we can not let this moment slip away".

So if you agree with me and you agree with Gov. Rendell and with Hillary Clinton herself, I urge you to look beyond the misplaced anger of the "PUMAs" and take real action to take back our country. Support Barack Obama. Support Hillary Clinton. Ensure that Democrats will be able to compete and win in all 50 states. Oh yes, and why not be a HOUND for Hillary and Barack?


JOHN said...

Since you recognize that the Democrat's nomination system is un-democratic and unjust, why wait until 2012 to fix it.

Repair the damage that has been done NOW. Have Pelosi tell the supers, again, to "go with the Will of the People”. Nothing is more representative of the “Will of the People” than the People’s Votes.

Also, consider who can beat McCain easily and who will struggle to POSSIBLY beat McCain due to his lack of experience, credentials, maturity, knowledge, record of accomplishments, and true Americanism.

Tell Obama to take a hike, we want the real winner.

While you're at it, admit that Obama sent his thugs into the caucuses to steal delegates through the use of fraud, theft, threats and force. Over 2000 complaints were filed in TX alone, even with the phone lines jammed. Remember, Hillary won the legitimate votes and Obama stole the delegates. But, now that Obama has taken over the DNC I guess we won't hear anymore about that. Very un-American.

Oh, and did he ever find his Real Birth Certificate, not the fake he posted on his website with no seal and no signature. He's probably not even eligible to be prez. Why wait for the GOP to bring up everything including his wife's "whitey DVD" and Sinclair's proof on Obama's blowjob and cocaine.

From another PUMA

Loyal Democrat said...

Hey, John. Why don't you get your "questions" about Obama answered here?

His birth certificate is available for everyone to see. Larry Sinclair's a criminal thug and a liar that I'd never trust. And what the hell are you talking about with the "whitey" crap? Larry Johnson, who I really used to admire, really fell on his face by spreading that lie about Michelle Obama.

Look, John, I was never a big Obama fan. But since the superdelegates made their decision and he's the nominee, we need to make sure he beats McCain. McCain's a scary old buzzard, and I don't want him prolonging this Iraq War any longer.

Anonymous said...

I think the SD's made a stupid mistake, but it was theirs to make. Under the rules of the party, he won. I don't like it, but that's the way it is.

Do we need reform? Yes. But we shouldn't worry about that until next spring. We need to get a Democrat in the White House in January. That's going to be my focus for now.

ChitownDenny said...

I would appreciate it if you would go back to your post with this title on MyDD and respond to my comments. My initial comment was to compare Obama's current stance on various topics, how they differ from his primary campaign stances, and how they are now similar to Hillary's primary stances. Then you let your diary get hijacked by an individual, one of about a dozen, who are still fighting the nomination and Hillary's supporters.
I am a tepid Obama supporter, at best. I'm looking for a reason to heartily support Obama. Those who will hijack your post do not seek Unity. The context of your diary indicates you do. So I look forward to your response!

ChitownDenny said...

OMG! Chris Blask is a contributor of this site. He is the individual who started the 777Denny smear against me because of my support for Hillary. You can cancel my recently activated account. I won't be back!

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