Saturday, July 5, 2008

What Patriotism Really Looks Like



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Is it just me, or is there something truly special about the Fourth of July holiday? I know, I know, it should be special to all of us because it's when we celebrate what our nation is about. I guess I'm just blessed that I'm able to see and experience this holiday in a special way.

It's fast becoming a tradition for me to march with my local Democratic Party in the world-famous Huntington Beach Fourth of July Parade. And when I march with my fellow Democrats in the parade, I notice something amazing. I also noticed this afterwards, when I was working with local Barack Obama volunteers on voter registration.

You know what it is?



This is what true patriotism looks like. Yes, I'm serious. We love our country so much that we woke up at the crack of dawn to navigate around messy freeways and closed streets to show up. We love our country so much that we saluted all the brave troops that love our country so much to fight for it and defend it. We love our country so much that we value our community here and we participate in civic activities like this one to continue making our nation a better place to live.

Oh yes, and we love our country so much that we stayed after the parade to register new voters. Oh yes, and we also stayed to inform current voters about the upcoming election. Yes, we love our country so much that we become involved in politics. We do activities like this, and we work our you-know-whats off to ensure we elect good people to office who will honor what this nation is all about.

You know, so many people just think of patriotism as a superficial gesture. I don't. Despite what many would say, Democrats like me truly are patriotic. We love this country so much that we get involved, and we stay active so we can see real results and real progress for America.That's why I marched in the parade yesterday. That's why I registered new voters for Obama. That's why I'm an active Democrat.

OK, that's the end of my rant... Now you can enjoy the rest of my photos! ;-)















Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. Political blogs need lots more pictures. I am thinking of getting an Obama shirt for my 14-month-old grandson and posting a different adorable picture of him about three times a week.

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