Monday, June 30, 2008

Just Say No to PUMA, Yes to Hillary & Barack!

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OK, OK, so I've been "HOUNDing" on this for a while now. Even though Hillary Clinton herself has been calling on all Democrats to unite in support for Barack Obama, we've seen these few "PUMAs" troll around the internets. They're dishonoring Hillary, trashing barack, and doing the right wing's work in mocking Democrats.

So what can we now do to get out the real progressive message that Hillary wants us to listen to? Follow me after the flip to find out...

So what can we do? Well, all of us blogging here is a start! We're getting out the real message of Democrats working together for victory. We're fighting the smears, and we're unspinning the right-wing spin.

We're making a good start, but we can still do more. We can congregate and band together to strategize. We can spread the word about the reality of John McBush. We can tell the real truth about Barack Obama and why Hillary endorsed him.

But above all else, we can show some compassion to our pro-Hillary friends who are still hurting from the primaries. I really think PA Gov. Ed Rendell hit just the right note last week, and I think we'd be wise to follow his lead. Listen to our pro-Hillary friends, share with them your repressed frustration from the primaries... Just let it all out finally! And then, talk with them about why Hillary supports Barack and why we must elect a Democratic President and Democratic Congress to ensure the vision that Barack and Hillary both share becomes reality.

Oh yes, and let's not forget to contribute! Obama needs all the help we can give him now to ensure he has the resources necessary for victory. Oh, and don't forget to give to Hillary and to the party as well!

And finally, let's all stand together to fight the far right and take our country back! :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm with Ed Rendell on this, hounds are better than pumas.

Wendy ~ Dem4life said...

Hi, there is a also a new blog that has started to fight back against puma the author has done a lot of digging and has come up with some unreal things about this pack...heres the address

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wendy! I think the website is blocked here in China (like anything with the word democracy).

atdnext said...


Thanks! I'll make sure to add it to our blogroll! :-)

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