Saturday, July 5, 2008

Throwing Hillary Under the Bus.

When Hillary Clinton conceded several weeks ago I was sad. I truly wanted her to win the Democratic nomination and become the president in January 2009.



Since that time we have seen the PUMA movement take hold. Which for those living under a rock, stands for Party Unity My Ass. I am not going to get into a diatribe about them because in some ways I understand what they are doing and somewhat how they are feeling.

- Disappointed that Hillary will not be the President in 2009? Okay.

- Don't agree with some of his policies? Okay.

- Reviled at his campaign's tactics during the primary? Okay.

- Think Hillary would have been the better candidate? Okay.

- Dislike Obama? Okay.

But you know what? THE PRIMARY IS OVER.

And for those that are thinking of voting for McCain? Stop and think what you are doing -you are throwing Hillary under the bus. Everything she stands for has very little to do with the Republican party ideals and voting for them would be a slap in her face. Yes - a slap.

As my good pal Kysen wrote:

But, opting not to vote?
Voting only downticket?
Writing in Hillary?
Seems a bit like holding one's breath to get one's way....but, at least it is not sullying Hillary's name.

So for the love of god - if you cannot vote for the Democratic nominee - people may not like your decision but will understand it. But DO NOT betray Hillary and everything she stands for by voting for McCain.


Anonymous said...

This is not what Hillary wants. She does not want McCain to be president. I don't understand why people don't understand that.

Citizen said...

Actually, it's not really over yet. ; )
I mean, there could very well be a floor fight of some type in Denver. I'm not wishing it will happen, but the fact remains that Obama is going to vote for this FISA "compromise" and at least 20,000 of his faithful followers on his own website are really pissed off. That's not counting the PUMA people.

Meanwhile, Obama is taking his "rock star" persona to new heights with his 75,000-fan outdoor concert, I mean, outdoor acceptance speech. He just keeps turning people off with his coronating of himself.

I'm not saying don't support him, but man, it's getting harder and harder to hold my nose. Hillary never smelled this funky. I guess this could all change today when they all vote on FISA, if they do.

Bottom line, it's not really over til it's over.

Citizen said...

... and I will add, never would I advocate voting for McCain. Horror of horrors!

But, there is always "abstaining" and there are candidates from several 3rd parties running too. Obama is not the only game in town.

Anonymous said...

Citizen, I don't think I have really articulated, my feelings well, here. When I cast my vote for Obama in November, I will be voting my fear, my fear of McCain, and nothing more.

I look at the landscape now and I see a party that has been taken over by the Obama wing and I accept that he will be the nominee. At this point, seeing as I will soon be the resident of a battleground state, I have to cast a ballot that has its maximum impact against McCain. I just have to vote for Obama.

I made a pact with myself in January 2007 that no matter what happened, I would vote for the nominee. I really wanted Hillary, but I accepted that she might be defeated. I never expected it to be like this. I never thought I would look at this process and feel so, well, ashamed. Right now, I keep reminding myself of that pact and I've convinced myself that Psychodrew January 2007 is more rational than Psychodrew July 2008.

I understand your feelings and I want you to know that your opinions will always be welcome here. We need more contradictory viewpoints expressed here.

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