Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday Strategy Session: Defending Wes Clark, Stopping "PUMA", Saving the Constitution

(Proudly cross-posted at Democratic PartyBuilder) Hey, everyone! I'd like to start a new tradition here at C4O. I want for us to do a weekly strategy session, when we can all get together and discuss some important action items. So are you ready to join me for our important weekly strategy session? First off, I want us to talk about the new right-wing smear campaign against a promiment "Clintonista for Obama" and good friend of ours, Gen. Wesley Clark. Because Wes Clark isn't afraid to tell the truth about John McCain's dangerous plans to keep our troops mired in Iraq indefinitely, the radical right is now having its friends in the corporate media trash the General. That's why VoteVets now has a peitition up for us to support Wes Clark. But still, what else can we do? Can you help me come up with ideas? In other news, Chris Dodd is asking us to become citizen co-sponsors of his amendment to the FISA compromise bill that would strip retroactive immunity from telecom companies that aided and abetted the Bush Administration in warantless wiretapping. What else can we do to support Dodd? What can we do to save our Fourth Amendment privacy rights? There's a great group up and running on "MyBO" (the Obama campaign's online community) calling on Barack Obama to do the right thing... How can we support their efforts? And finally... We just have to figure out a smart strategy to take care of "PUMA". One of our fabulous community members informed me about Yes to Democracy, a fantastic clearinghouse site where we can get the real facts about what the "PUMA movement" is all about. So what can we do to support their efforts to actually support what Hillary Clinton is calling for us to do? We now have a wonderful group of committed Democrats that's continuing to grow and flourish... But what can we do to take that to the next level? I'd love to have your input. OK, so do you need a quick review of our agends for this week's strategy session. Well, here goes: - Defend Wes Clark Against the Right-wing Smears - Save our Fourth Amendment Privacy Rights - Stopping the "PUMA Madness" Are to ready to help me do something? :-)


Carrie said...

Does anyone have a source that sites Clark's complete comment? I've only heard the snipit in which he states that being shot down doesn't make McCain qualified. In isolation, the tenor of this quote did sound rude, but I'm betting this is terribly out of context.

Anonymous said...

The transcript is posted at his website.

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