Friday, July 25, 2008

Even The Racists Will Vote For Him

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This is just a personal anecdote about a pleasant experience I had this evening. Back in '07, before I'd chosen a candidate, a friend asked me who I'd be voting for. I really had no idea, but I told her I was leaning toward Obama - I didn't want to support a Clinton, and I hadn't yet fully connected with Edwards. I liked Obama because he was new. My friend said, "Hell no, you better vote for Hillary. First female president, baby! Don't help put a nigger in the White House."

I cringed slightly, and she apologized halfheartedly. She really isn't a bad person, deep down. She has many wonderful qualities, and she tries to respectfully keep her bigotry to herself when she's around me. She just grew up in a bad environment, and she's almost certainly bipolar (undiagnosed). She's never been mean to an African American, as far as I'm aware. She treats them just as she treats everyone else, but at the same time, I know she thinks they're beneath her. About a year ago, she called me one afternoon sobbing her eyes out and begging me to come over. She poured us both several shots of the most disgusting vodka imaginable (Aristocrat, which is all she can afford), and mournfully told me about the horrible mistake she'd made the night before - she'd gotten drunk and slept with a black man. Her embarrassment was incomprehensible to me, but having spent at least as many nights with African Americans as with whites, perhaps I was in a poor position to judge. I just couldn't see her point of view or why she was upset.

But she was - she was humiliated and disgusted. She felt like she couldn't wash away her shame. I tried all my usual talking points, attempting to help her understand why sleeping with an African American is no different from sleeping with a white person. No amount of logic or reason seemed to reach her. At a loss, I finally shared an exceptionally embarrassing sexual experience of my own, and she laughed hard enough to momentarily forget her disgust.

She never got over the experience, though - she had "fucked a nigger," and it was inexcusable in her mind. She just doesn't want to have much to do with black people, and no one can help her overcome her racism but herself.

When I saw her tonight, I remembered to ask her how she felt about Hillary's loss. I knew my friend wanted a female president so badly, and I knew Obama's race would probably impact her vote. But instead of attacking Obama or the DNC, she said, "It just wasn't Hillary's time - it's too soon after Bill. Everyone would have just said she was riding his coattails." When I asked whether she was leaning toward McCain or Obama, she looked at me like I was crazy. She asked me why in hell anyone would vote for Bush 3.0. She said anyone who voted for McCain had a death wish. She has no health insurance, nor does her husband, and she can't afford to fill her gas tank anymore. The US wasn't ready for a woman president, she insisted, but she also assured me that Hillary would still be president one day, just not this year. It was Obama's time now, and he'd be making a different kind of history.

I told her I'd be casting my vote for Barack and mentioned that I'd gotten an Obama sticker for my car. Her first question was, "Excellent, do you have an extra one??"

I don't have an extra, but her birthday is August 7, and she will most definitely be receiving one

This is yet another reason I'm not worried. A woman who doesn't particularly like "niggers" is going to vote for Barack in November and ride around in her car with an Obama sticker for months. Jesus Christ, what are we really so afraid of? Will racism really kill Obama's campaign? Apparently the GOP has messed up so badly that even a few racists are willing to do the right thing.

Yes, that's right. Bush has screwed this country so royally that a bigot will be running to the polls to vote for a black man. Behold your legacy, Shrub. By November, that moran will do more to unify this country than Barack ever thought about doing.


Anonymous said...

Well, you know what helps the most? When people like you listen and try to help people along with their bigotry.

Thanks for sharing this story, as ugly as the language is, the ending is worth it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Powerful story. You are a GREAT writer.

Leverton said...
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Anonymous said...

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