Wednesday, July 23, 2008

McCain Watch: Guess Who Failed Geography

A few weeks ago, I wrote about McCain Watch:
The Huffington Post and have launched a joint project called McCain Watch. To recieve presidential news about John McCain that you won't find anyplace else, sign up at McCain Watch.
Another addition of McCain Watch was posted yesterday, but I'm behind because of recent traveling.

Do you remember this attack ad released by the McCain campaign last week?

Senator McCain attacks Senator Obama for not having traveled to Iraq, yet it seems that Senator McCain is the one who is struggling with the details. Despite his half-century of experience, Senator McCain cannot come up with a roadmap for Iraq favored by the Iraqis, who have instead embraced Senator Obama's plan for a drawdown of American troops. Perhaps if Senator McCain spent less time pontificating on the principle of "no defeat, no surrender" and spent more time studying the details, he would have a better understanding of the Middle East.

Read this edition of McCain Watch to see Senator McCain struggling with the geography of Iraq.


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