Wednesday, July 23, 2008

FLORIDA??!! Yes. We. Can.

Oh, my! Take a looky at this brand new gem of a poll from Rasmussen on Florida! Guess who's ahead in the Sunshine State now?

The raw numbers are:

Obama 46%
McCain 45%

But when "leaners" are included, the final numbers for Florida are:

Obama 49%
McCain 47%

Will we FINALLY get our revenge from 2000 this year? Can we FINALLY turn Florida blue, once & for all? I think so.

There's been a general trend of late (as in the last couple months) of a tightening race in Florida. Just like the national numbers, McCain just isn't making the cut. He's offering more of the same Bush-Cheney bulls**t when all of us want a new direction.

So can we make this into reality in November? YES. WE. CAN! :-)


Katie1263 said...

Florida will not turn blue this year. I PROMISE, unless ofcourse, HRC is on the ticket as VP. Then it is possible. Otherwise,NO WAY.

DCDemocrat said...

Katie: It is possible that Obama will dominate the electoral college to a degree that will make Florida a possibility for a pickup. Anything close, however, goes to the Republicans, since they usually put their finger enough on the scales down there to make a close race go their way.

Anonymous said...

If Obama contests the state and can draw out voters, it will be helpful for down ballot candidates. And if it ends up a landslide, he could win the state.

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