Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yes, Obama Was Involved

The New York Times goes a long way to answer the questions we have on how involved President-Elect Barack Obama was in IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich's "Pay to Play" scandal. Here's a good example of how Obama was a part of the action.

Mr. Obama used leverage that he had seldom employed - publicly, anyway - and strongly urged Mr. Jones to bypass Mr. Blagojevich and approve the ethics bill, banning the so-called pay-for-play system of influence peddling in Illinois. When asked at the time how Mr. Obama had come to be involved, Mr. Jones replied, "He's a friend."

When the Illinois Senate passed the measure by 55 to 0 on Sept. 22, with Mr. Jones reversing his position, Mr. Obama praised the move as one creating "a tougher ethics law that will reduce the influence of money over our state's political process." Mr. Obama's intervention deepened a rift between him and Mr. Blagojevich that had been growing for some time.

So does this now explain why Blagojevich called Obama a "motherf*cker" for not paying to play Blago's game? It does for me. Obama actually took a little time off the campaign trail in late September to line up the votes to pass the historic ethics legislation that proved to be Blago's downfall.

So will the Republicans stop telling lies about "Barky Hussein Soetoro's trail of corruption"? Obama actually worked to stop the corruption! If anything, we should thank the President-Elect for putting an end to this mess in Illinois & hope that he can do the same in DC!


Political Discourse said...

I read that one. I guess if you're gonna screw someone over (inadvertantly or on purpose), that is most definitely the noble way to do it. I refer to the Governor as Blojo myself.

Anonymous said...

As a Clintonista who got tired of hearing about "No Drama Obama" and how we had to move past the Clintons--not that they were bad, just their associates, I have to say that I find this whole thing absolutely hilarious. My absolute favorite part is that Jesse Jackson, Jr. not only saw his Senate aspirations go up in smoke, but might face legal jeopardy of his own.

Axelrod says Obama spoke to Blago, and then he changes his story to match his bosses. Hmmm....The big orange blog and the other Obama worship sites have accepted his story without question. But I wonder what would have happened if a Clinton had said something like that.....

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love it. I find the whole thing absolutely hilarious. I don't think Obama actually did anything wrong but for the whole "Obama is no drama and he will usher in a new progressive era" crowd, this mess on top of reinstating the entire Bill Clinton administration has got to suck.

And I love it.

CenterDoug said...

According to the HuffPost yesterday, when Obama helped the Illinois Congress to pass that Ethics Reform Bill, Blago started calling state construction companies to fill his campaign coffers before the Bill took effect. Word got to the Treasury Department that he was doing it and so they wiretapped him, thus allowing his potential sale of Obama's seat to be caught on tape. If Obama hadn't pushed for the Bill so it passed, Blago would not have been caught red-handed. I think it's karma. What we throw out is what we get back. Barack's gone up in stature from this; Blago's down the tubes.

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