Wednesday, September 3, 2008

GOP Convention Open Thread

So what do you think? How was Sarah Palin? How was everyone else? Rudy? Romney?

Chat away.


Louis Prandtl said...

boorish, boring and callow...

TCQuad said...

Missed Romney.

Rudy talked so long they had to cut Palin's video. Had no idea what he was talking about on occasion and it was hysterically funny when he kept getting drowned out by chants of "Drill baby drill".

Palin lacked polish. Her speech text was OK, her delivery was substandard from a political sense. She tended to go down in emphasis going into an applause line, which sucks enthusiasm out of a punchline and makes the speech sound clipped.

Considering the bar was "will she completely screw up", she beat the bar. But I don't agree with the glowing reviews she's getting from the pundits.

cincyr said...

I was shocked at how divisive it was. What happened to the American hats? And bipartisanship? She totally belittled Obama's experience. Something she can do because she won't be labeled sexist for it.

Let's see how she does on her own, in an interview, that's if they allow her to talk to anyone from the press before the debate with Biden.

PJHanniver said...

Sarah Palin is too scary for words. She's like a wind-up hockey-mom doll. I don't know how she could hold-up in a debate with Joe Biden. And her comments (mocking) of Obama were tasteless, mean-spirited, unnecessary. At one point she said something about either her or McCain representing the values of American families. What kind of BS is this? Not MY family. (Beside the fact that the Republican audience seemed to represent mostly WHITE families.) We HAVE to get Obama elected or we're all screwed.

Psychodrew said...

I thought it was a good speech. I don't agree with her ideas, but the Republicans sure did get excited. Thanks to the low expectations set by the media and the blogosphere, she did quite well.

atdnext said...


I guess we were watching different speeches. Sure, she didn't drool on stage and forget her lines. But still, all I saw there were anger & lies. And hopefully as the truth comes out on Palin's record vs. Obama's & Biden's, she'll look like a fool for thinking she could get away with being so dishonest.


Agreed. She scares me, just as much as McCain does. They both frighten me, and we can't let them get away with their garbage filled invective.

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