Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Palin on Conservative Talk Radio

I am on the road from Washington, D.C. to do some research in Kentucky. I arrived in Kentucky last evening after driving through West Virginia. On the way, I raced through the radio dial to find interesting content to wile away the time.

Guess what? The people who scare the bejeezuz out of progressive Americans are ecstatic over the selection of Sarah Palin. I heard over and over again, people calling into talk radio to say their only regret was that Palin was not on the top of the ticket. You know what comforts these radical conservatives who have been the bane of our existence the last eight years? They find comfort that John McCain is old and decrepit. They see Sarah Palin as Trojan Horse to continue their agenda in the White House. If John McCain keeled over on November 5, they would be the happiest Americans there are/

The thought that there Clintonistas excited about this woman seems to me a total abandonment of responsibility for progressive values. I desperately want to see a woman become president of the United States. I desperately do not want to see this woman get anywhere near the White House.


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