Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Pollster's Suggestion on How to Handle McBush-Failin'

Here's some good advice featured in today's New York Daily News (via Political Wire):

Give her rope. "Don't harp on Palin's lack of experience; the media are doing that already... If you pile on with more cheap attacks, you'll risk charges of sexism - and keep people thinking about Obama's inexperience, to boot."

Attack her extremism. "Palin's out of the mainstream, especially on social issues... These things will worry independents and Hillarycrats."

Do not condescend. "Take Palin's views seriously and be respectful. And by all means, stop this sordid, shrill and counterproductive sniping about her private life. That will only provoke sympathy, especially among moderate women."

Let women lead the way. "Women can make attacks on Palin that would boomerang from men."

OK, so does that make sense? It sometimes seems to me that the GOP has set up a trap around Sarah Palin. Let's see if we can let them fall into their own trap. ;-)


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