Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Strategy Session: The Home Stretch

OK, let's start this week's strategy session with the good news. And surprisingly, we find it via Real Clear Politics:

Rasmussen Tracking-
Obama 51%
McCain 45%

Obama 48%
McCain 39%

Wow! Despite McCain's attempt to steal Obama's DNC thunder with his Palin pick, Obama still holds a significant lead. In fact, Obama's Rasmussen number is at its highest yet!

But does this mean we're out of the woods yet? Not quite. RCP still projects only a 273 EV Obama win, while fivethirtyeight.com projects a 298 EV win. So still, Democrats will need to fight & fight hard to win this fall.

So what should we do? How can Democrats maintain their advantage? What should we be doing now to ensure victory? Where should we focus our resources?

OK, the strategy session is about to begin. Please grab a comfy chair & join us. We have plenty to discuss. :-)


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