Thursday, September 4, 2008

Today's Poll Report: Winning the Swing States

WOW! The new Democracy Corps poll shows some real progress just where we needed it.

Obama 49%
McCain 44%

Swing States:
Obama 49%
McCain 43%

Democrats are in great shape heading into the home stretch. The party is united, Independents are moving to our side, and we're poised to win at least 270 EVs this fall. As long as we keep spreading our message of real change, we win. :-)


my book said...

Well,there is no doubt that John Mccain gave a speech that was of interest to many of us who are independents!I would have loved him to tell us about how he hopes. to bring change in specific terms.He mentioned some but not enough to inspire me,and i know change from within is anything but change.He has been part of the failing status quo for the past twenty six years and its amazing how he decides in the middle of a campaign to adopt the theme Obama has been running on,with no acknowlegment to Obama for that.

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