Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gallup Sez: Obama Breaks 50% & Holds a Firm Lead!


Obama 50%
McCain 42%

I guess the American people are smarter than McBush & the GOP think. ;-)


JJJones said...

Obama has no executive experience. And there is a reason the founding fathers setup up three branches executive, legislative, and judicial. The experience needed for each is very different.

No one would say Palin with a lot of executive experience would make a good Supreme court justice because she has no judicial experience. Same with Obama, he may be a lawyer but he's never been a judge.

Clinton knew this and at least gained some executive experience while pushing issues when she was in the white house. She also (given her nature) gained experience while Bill was a governor. Maybe it was unofficial, but she did gain some experience.

Although a Clinton supporter, I'm certain I will not vote for Obama and am now in a dilemma on whether or not I'm going to support McCain. And what's more I resent Obama for putting me in this situation. By all rights his pick for VP should have been Clinton who gained 18 Million votes and beat him in all the last states.

But unlike Obama, I cannot simply vote present and be done. No, I'm going to make a choice, even if the choice forces me into McCain, who at least has had a history of bucking his own party.


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