Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Keep Obama & Democrats Strong Across America!

(Proudly cross-posted at Clark Community Network & MyDD)

As you all know now, Barack Obama & the Democratic Party are working hard to implement a real 50 State Strategy for this fall that leaves no Democrats behind. And of course, this also means investing in the crucial swing states that we must win to elect a Democratic President and more & better Democrats to Congress. So far, we're doing well.

But you know what? We can't rest on our laurels now. The Republicans will try to throw whatever they can at us to bring us down. They're desperate enough to do anything to make sure McCain & Palin deliver on their promise of four more years of Bush & Cheney.

We simply can NOT let them bring us down!

Democrats are fired up & ready to go all over America, from New Mexico...

To Pennsylvania...

To Colorado...

To Ohio...

To Georgia...

And so many more states all over this great nation!

But if we don't support our Democrats now, they won't have the resources to continue fighting the good fight all over the nation. That's why it's important for us to support them now. We can't afford four more years of Republican disaster. That's why we must keep fighting strong.

So please, join us in supporting Obama along with amny more great Democrats all over America. Our contributions are paying for TV ads, radio ads, community organizing, phone banks, and get-out-the-vote operations. And if we want to continue to be able to fight back when the right attacks, we need to make sure Democrats have the resources to do so.

So please join us... I doubt you'll regret it. ;-)


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