Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Act Today to Make the Dream Come True!

Check this out... And take action!

"But his associates describe [an Obama-Clinton dream ticket] as unlikely, saying that for a variety of reasons, Mr. Obama is not looking to have her as a running mate or serving with him in the White House. . . . [Obama's short list] includes Senators Evan Bayh of Indiana and Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, as well as Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia..." -New York Times, 7/29/08

Dear Friend, This is it; this is the endgame. We have to act today.

Today’s newspapers tell us that Senator Obama is looking closely at some candidates for running mate, and Hillary is not on that list yet.

Obama’s team say there are “a variety of reasons” he is not yet looking to put her on the ticket.

Well, you and I are voters, and we have something to say about it, too. Let’s give Senator Obama our own “variety of reasons” to put Hillary Clinton on his short list and really consider putting her on the ticket.

Email a letter to the New York Times and Washington Post and tell what Hillary adds to Obama’s ticket.


Today may be our last chance to be heard – take a moment and help make the case for putting Hillary on the short list.

Allida Black

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Psychodrew said...

In all honesty, I don't want her to be VP. The idea of her spending eight years repeating his talking points turns my stomach.

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