Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Strategy Session: Beyond VP

I know, I know... There's a whole lot of speculation going on trying to figure out who Barack Obama will pick as his VP. And you know what? I'm f***ing tired of all the idle speculation!

No really, I'm done speculating. While I have my own opinions on who I'd like to see as VP, there are far more important matters we need to deal with. That's what we'll be talking about in today's strategy session.

First off, MoveOn & VoteVets have a great new ad ready on what's wrong with McBush's plan for indefinite occupation of Iraq. I mean, isn't "Operation Iraqi Freedom" supposed to be about letting Iraqis decide their own future? Well, they now want their country back. So shouldn't we help put this ad on the air?

Secondly, we all know that "the liberal media" is nothing more than a myth. But still, the corporate media is being allowed to smear Democrats while giving Republicans like John McBush a free ride. This simply must stop. Let's help Media Matters fight the lies & spread some truth.

And finally, let's remember to show some love for the one special lady in our lives that won't stop fighting for us. Hillary has kept her promise to us, so let's keep our promise to her. Let's remember to help Hillary retire her debt & elect more Democrats to office.

Get it? Got it? Great! Now let's finalize our agneda & get it done! :-)


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until I ditch this dial-up and can watching videos again.

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