Thursday, July 31, 2008

Going Our Way: Two More State Polls

Strategic Vision, a Republican polling firm, confirms the findings released this morning from Quinnipiac that Obama is up over McCain in Pennsylvania. As you can see below, given the margin of error, the findings of Strategic Vision and Quinnipiac are quite similar:

(1,200 LV, 3%)
Obama 49
McCain 40

(Notably, in April, Strategic Vision had McCain at 48 over Obama at 40.)

The other poll to come out of Strategic Vision today is for Washington State, which has been trending Obama's way for some time:

(800 LV, 3%)
Obama 48
McCain 37


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the tracking polls today?

Obama 45
McCain 43

Obama 45
McCain 44

DCDemocrat said...

Take a look at my post today.

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