Tuesday, July 29, 2008

While We're Talking About VP...

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Let's not forget about those other branches of government. Yes, who Barack Obama picks as his VP is an important decision. I mean, we can ask Dick Cheney about executive power.

But still, there are things we can do now to change Congress. Come on now. Let's not forget about that branch of government Barack Obama will need on his side to get the job done as President next year.

Right now, one major reason why Bush & Cheney are still getting much of what they want is because Republicans have enough House & Senate seats to obstruct the Democratic majority. And even if Barack Obama wins this fall, Republicans can still obstruct much of his agenda if they have enough House & Senate seats. That's why we can't ignore Congress while we focus on winning back the Presidency.

Democratic Congressional candidates are bringing the message of change down to the local level. They are going out into the field and letting voters know about what Democrats want to do for them. Basically, these great candidates are doing their part to ensure a Democratic victory this fall and a progressive vision becoming reality in the near future.

These candidates are working hard for us. Will we work just as hard for them? If you can, please help your local Democrats. Check out our faves list. Give to good organizations like DFA, EmilysList, & HillPAC.

We can do it. We can win. Let's do it! :-)


Dizzy said...

Very good points, Andrew -

and very good org's to donate to ... don't forget Wespac, tho


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