Monday, July 28, 2008

Hound vs PUMA: $1.2 million to $11,000

There was some grumbling earlier this month about the reluctance of Hillary Clinton's Hillraisers to donate money to the Obama campaign.

However, an analysis of fundraising reports by the Arizona Republic found some good news--the Clinton Democrats are giving more money to Barack Obama than John McCain, by a ratio of 100 to 1.
Thousands of Hillary Clinton's donors gave at least $1.2 million to Democrat Barack Obama in June, accelerating a migration from her presidential campaign that began months ago.

Republican John McCain collected about $11,000 from that group in the same period, according to an Arizona Republic analysis of Federal Election Commission records.

The numbers suggest no widespread defections from the Democratic Party after its hard-fought primary season between Clinton and Obama ended the first week of June. McCain has hoped that many of Clinton's supporters would join him in an anti-Obama backlash.

The financial reports are even more lopsided than polls that indicate few Clinton backers are crossing party lines.

Not only is Obama doing well among Clinton donors, he is raising more money than he raised from supporters of former Senator John Edwards. Since January, Obama has raised $3.6 million from the former and $1.9 million from the latter.

This month's numbers should be interesting. With the end of the month just days away, Democrats need a big push to keep the pressure on the GOP.

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Help Barack Obama take back the White House!
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