Monday, June 9, 2008

Barack Obama for President

I believe my credentials as a Hillary supporter were elegant. I started blogging in 2004 during the primaries, and I established something of a reputation at Daily Kos as a Democratic activist during the Kerry campaign after the Senator had received the nomination. When Hillary announced, I probably was the only long-term and recognized blogger at Daily Kos who stood with Hillary for the first three months of her campaign. It was a pretty awful experience. I went from being DCDemocrat of the golden Democratic credentials to being troll-rated on a regular basis. There was so much enmity towards Hillary in the early months of the campaign that the bloggers who now continue to fight to make Hillary the nominee (even after Hillary has endorsed Obama) were no where to be found, and the people who didn't stand up in those months included the names of all the bloggers who later became Hillary's most ardent defenders.

Many Hillary supporters are entertaining the idea that they can vote for John McCain. Last week on the night of the Montana and South Dakota primaries, I waited for John McCain to speak. When he appeared on the screen, speaking from Louisiana, I said to him, "Give me a reason to vote for you." By the end of his speech, I knew that he had not done what I asked, and I knew voting for him was impossible.

Other Hillary supporters are entertaining the idea that they yet will force the Democratic Party to nominate Hillary. As far as I can tell, there are only two ways to accomplish this end. Either Hillary must fight for the nomination, or someone must irreparably injure Obama's claim on the nomination. What is possible here? Hillary is not going to lift a telephone to call a superdelegate, so how can Hillary supporters get the nomination through persuasion? And how could they sufficiently harm Obama's reputation, given the unlikely prospect there's a smoking gun waiting to be found, without destroying the party; if they destroy the party, what vehicle would there be to elect Hillary Clinton president?

Hillary has conceded the race, and she has called her supporters to work to make Barack Obama president. I think it is time in the name of party unity to say that I stand with my party, and I will vote for the nominee of the party.

Last Tuesday night, Barack Obama gave a gracious and dignified speech. He was strong. He spoke to the policies I believe in. He extended his hand in friendship to Hillary and her supporters, and I have extended my hand back to him. He clearly wants and needs the votes of Hillary Democrats, and he has mine.

I congratulate all of you who have stood with Obama through this race. I congratulate Senator Obama, whom we all need now to make President Obama.


Diane said...

As an Obama supporter, I thought Clinton's speech on Saturday was gracious and moving. I look forward to working with my fellow Democrats to win the upcoming election.

Anonymous said...

As another Hillary supporter transitioning to Obama, I was delighted to find this blog. Over the last five days, I have found some of the mybarackobama groups rather bruising, though many people are warmly welcoming. There is no way of knowing until you join the group what the email will be like.

I have established my own blog for Hillary supporters passionate about feminist and family issues.
Hillary Feminist for Obama--Understanding, Healing, Uniting

It is a group blog. Up to 100 different people can post. Please email me if you are interested and I will introduce you to the joys of blogger. If you don't want to blog, please read and comment and link to the blog.

As the administrator, I will be a relatively strict grandma, even though it doesn't come naturally. I know no other way of assuring safety and healing. Comments and blog posts will be moderated to remove insulting and hurtful content. No gratuitous bashing of Clinton or Obama will be tolerated. Of course you can express your disappointment with their campaigns and policies. Respectful, civilized discourse is the goal. Long-time Obama supporters interested in feminist and family issues who have truly moved beyond the compulsion to bash Hillary and her supporters are welcome.

san said...

I support Hillary and will never vote Obama. Hillary was forced to support Obama and I applaud her for being a loyal democrat. I however have changed my party and will be voting for John McCain. Obama will cause the economy to crash and burn worse than it already is. Any Hillary supporter who now votes for Obama should look back and see what Hillary has said about him through the whole campaign. If she were a regular citizen instead of who she is, she would NEVER vote Obama.

atdnext said...


I'm sorry, but you definitely have your candidates mixed up. If anyone would cause the economy to crash and burn, it would be McCain. Heck, he doesn't even know economics... And he's admitted that! He's just like Bush-Cheney, wanting to hurt the middle class to enrich his wealthy friends. Sorry, but neither Hillary nor we should be advocating for that!

DCDemocrat said...

san: When a president enters office, he brings with an entire government. Who are the experienced Democrats that Barack Obama will bring with him into office? They are the people who served Bill Clinton. Who are the experienced Republicans that John McCain will bring with him into office? They are the people who served George Bush.

You see, the choice between Barack Obama and John McCain is a choice of a government by Bill Clinton advisers and George Bush advisers.

So let's get more than a little serious about what's happening here.

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