Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just Say No Deal... To Obama? OR McBUSH?

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Beware, all progressives! There are wolves in sheeps' clothing among us. They claim to be Hillary Clinton supporters, but they're really not as of now. They claim to be standing up against sexism, but they're really not. And they claim to be standing up for voters' rights, but they're really not.

So who are these tricksters that we should watch out for?

I got an email this morning from "". They claim to be disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters, but I suspect they have a hidden agenda that Hillary herself would vehemently reject. Here, why don't you read the message I was sent?

[...] On the evening of June 8, 2008, dozens of grassroots organizations and political activists convened a conference call and formed a coalition: Just Say No Deal. Its goal? : To turn the current race on its head and remind voters that all options are on the table this November.

Just Say No Deal is an umbrella organization giving voice to over 80 grassroots organizations, blogs and millions of self- professed PUMAs (Party Unity My A_ _) intent on one mission: NOBAMA! Coalition members are pushing varying agendas and voting strategies, but the factions are united in their unwavering decision to not “fall in line” by supporting Barack Obama.

Concerned citizens have come out of the woodwork to express their distaste for and frustration with party leaders and the outcome of the nominating process. The Just Say No Deal website offers those voters an array of choices to assist in their decision-making process. The coalition will continue to organize in pursuit of its mission of keeping another unqualified candidate from inheriting the Oval Office.

OK, so they don't like Barack Obama. But hold on, aren't these people supposed to be Democrats? Don't they care about the issues that Hillary cares about?

The more I think about this, the more one question pops into my head. Really, ask yourself this. Why are they going against what Hillary herself has said?

Why would anyone who has supported Hillary now throw support to this guy? Why would Hillary's LGBT supporters help this guy who is so strongly opposed to equal rights for all? Why would Hillary's blue-collar supporters help this guy who's so virulently anti-worker and anti-middle class? Why would Hillary's women supporters help this guy who's so extremely anti-choice and anti-women? Why would any of Hillary's supporters do anything to help elect John McBush (McCain) this fall?

Let's remember some important details about Barack Obama. He's pro-worker, pro-civil rights, pro-equal rights, pro-environment, and pro-peace. Oh yes, and he has the full support of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton.

So when you get any email from "Just Say No Deal" claiming to be something Hillary Clinton supporters should pay attention to, just don't. If we should say no to anything, we should really just say no deal to John McBush (McCain).

Get it? Got it. Great! :-)


DCDemocrat said...

I received the same email. It seems curious to me that they have organized so quickly. I think the Republicans may be behind it. Ordinary Democratic bloggers have to work for a living. How could they have put together all these pieces so quickly if they weren't involved in the project full-time. Full-time usually suggests a paycheck.

Lin said...

Same email here too. I was stunned by the list of groups endorsing it. Women are angry and rightly so about the way she was treated. But anyone who thinks John McCain is the answer is sorely, sorely misguided.

atdnext said...

DCDem & Lin-

I know. Creepy, isn't it? It only heightens my suspicions. I wouldn't be surprised if some Rethuglican operative is smiling over the thought of this "Just Say No Deal" campaign right now.

Cat'sMeow said...

Wow! You really are in denial, aren't you.

Get it through your head- There are millions of us (YES- HILLARY DEMOCRATS) who will never vote for Nobama. It's not about voting party, it's about voting for the candidate who will protect America and her interests. Hillary is the only choice on the Dem side.

Obama is a security threat- the man doesn't have a single associate on the up and up... not one! Not even his racist wife! I won't get into issues here- but, there are PLENTY. BAIPA, being one.

I've put up with 7 years of Bush- I can certainly take 4 years of a centrist Republican! AT LEAST he is a patriot..... unlike the FRAUD who was selected, not elected, by our contemptuous party leaders.


atdnext said...

Cat's Meow-

I'd suggest you follow the linkys in my story before you make your final decision. John McBush is NO centrist. Take a look at his record:

- He's anti-choice.
- He's anti-gay.
- He's anti-environment.
- He's anti-worker.
- He's anti-peace.

Don't believe the media hype on "McCain the Maverick". It simply isn't true. Do the research for yourself. He's scary.

DCDemocrat said...

Cat'sMeow: It seems that the polls do not support your suppositions. There is a dramatic influx of Hillary supporters into Obama's campaign, and we are the ones in denial.

Oh... Mercy said...

Yikes Cats meow.

Hoinestly he is one of the most conservative republicans. There are independent non partisan studies doen and he comes out close to the bottom... or top... in conservative policies, positions and bills signed.

Obama is closer to a centrist. In fact Clinton is considered more liberal in a couple of the categories used. That's my girl.

Don't get it?
I don't think so. No one who is a Hillary supporter for any reason would vote for McCain unless they have been brainwashed by the trolls who started this insanity.

I can't believe you are buying into this neocon game.
You do realize of course that this also smears Clinton don't you?
Of course you do which is probably how and why this started.
I put nothing past a troll.

Grow up, get out in the world and learn something about other faith traditions, cultures. The only people I know who are so narrow minded they would believe the tripe about Obama are either racists who are using it for an excuse or republicans... The only other alternative I can see is you don't really believe it but its a great neocon game.

I just found you guys and I breathed a sigh of relief thinking here was a place I might find some peace.
The hate from both sides is beyond anything this typical old white broad has seen in politics.

What is most upsetting is that Hillary is being blamed for this.

Melissa said...

Obama supporter here and nicely said. I think throughout the primaries as well there were many GOP trolls on BOTH sides trying to tear the party apart. Some people have been fooled and led by them and an already tense situation just got worse.

Those people aren't Hillary supporters and basically don't give a crap about the American people as long as they get their agenda out there, which means this a 99% chance they are Republicans. :)

catsmeow - You act like a troll trying to push something. I also can't believe "Hillary" supporters would smear Michelle in such a way. She's getting the SAME treatment that Hillary got. Some have even called it the Hillary-ization of Michelle Obama. It's sickening.

As for being selected, both would have had to be selected. The one ahead in delegates just so happened to get the nom. For your country, for your kids and for everyone's future you should acutally look at the facts. McCain is George Bush on steroids, but only more senile.

John McCain is anti-women, working class, gay and anti everything Hillary stands for and has spent 30 years working for. Get a clue before it's too late.

DCDemocrat said...

oh...mercy: Thanks for arriving at our little blog. Given that it is just a couple of days old, I think there is a lot going on here. I appreciate your comment: It made me think that a lot of us Clintonistas who have made the move to the nominee are experiencing the same things right now.

Tr991 said...


Take heart, it's been only 5 days since Hillary Clinton delivered that amazing speech last Saturday and I've seen a huge reduction in the cross fire.

Hillary Clinton released her delegates yesterday as part of her continuing efforts to reunite the Democrats. I have faith in 'My Girl', that she'll deliver.

Cat's Meow-

If you consider yourself either centrist or liberal, middle/lower class, have a relative or friend serving in Iraq, believe the executive branch of governments' expanded role should be scaled back - your best interests are served by voting Democrat. HRC's voting record is 97% in agreement with Obama's; in contrast to 10% for McCain.

If you're simply a Republican causing havoc - Brace yourself, babe. 8 years is a l-o-n-g time to wait.

Vote Democrat!

Anonymous said...

Hi I've been following the formation of this group, it started out as small groups on MySpace and Facebook then a few people that I and a few others had suspected of being Republican plants brought these small groups together.
After they formed they had the nerve to post the URL on the Hillary Clinton website and all over MySpace and Facebook.
One of the people who runs the website is a PR person and we suspect that she is the one that got her hands on a email list. She was also able to get this group on Faux (Fox) news.
My Favorite line from PUMA is that they are 18 million strong LOL..18 million is the number of votes Senator Clinton received, mine being one of them and they surely do not speak for me.
Please don't be fooled by the BIG numbers cat'smeow is talking about, it's a farce. There are some people who have known the PUMA members for months, they talk a big game and thats about as far as it goes.

DCDemocrat said...

dem4life: I go with my party, and most of those 18 million other votes are doing the same.

Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON! I am first and foremost a Democrat.
And the Democrats I know are as well no matter who their candidate was.

Lin said...

Glad to see everyone here. Even cats meow. I have lived on pro Hill websites for months and about 90-95% of those people seem to be going puma. And anyone is does not is no longer welcome. I think there is a mixture or genuine outrage that is being exploited now to push McCain. We need to get busy getting the word out that he is no moderate, that Hillary opposes him Bigtime and that voting McCain is not the answer to the problem s in the primary process. I am willing to talk to anyone who wants to supportt mcCain becauce they are upset about what happened to Hill. Talk being the operative word. I think those of us who support Hill but have made the transition have a lot to offer to people who just can't do it--yet :)

atdnext said...

Lin, DCDem, & dem4life-

Well said!

Am I still a little peeved at the media elite for their misogynistic attacks on Hillary? Yes. But do I think the appropriate response to this is voting for a creepy misogynist like McBush? NO!

Am I still POed with the DNC for continuing to allow for undemocratic caucuses and the disenfranchisement of Florida & Michigan? You bet I am! But will I channel that anger into voting for the anti-civil rights and anti-voting rights McBush? Heck, no!

There are better ways for us to address our grievances with the media & the DNC. We can always reform our party to ensure they live up to our Democratic values. We can always fight against ugly media bias. But by channeling our energy into electing GOPers, we're defeating our own cause.

Chris said...

How does anyone find McCain centrist? How do they find their way to the democratic party? How can they find him anything but a misogynistic pro-big business, anti-gay, anti-middle class, and licking his chops for an Iranian campaign?

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