Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hillary urges her delegates to back Obama

There is a report at http://qconline.com/archives/qco/display.php?id=390566 that Hillary Clinton has asked her delegates to support the nomination of Barack Obama. She apparently did this in a teleconference on Monday night with her pledged delegates. In the report, one of the delegates announced his intention to honor Mrs. Clinton's request. "'I plan on working for Sen. Obama as hard as I can,' he said."

And so do I.

It becomes increasingly difficult to sustain the position that one can wait till after Denver to see if the tide will roll in again. Hillary is fighting for a unified party. I would follow her anywhere, and she is leading me to the nominee of the Democratic Party


DCDemocrat said...

There's a new report out that Mrs. Clinton wants to make sure that all of her delegates actually get seated, so she has not formally released them. This is not a power play. Staff are citing the precedent established by either campaigns where the candidates released the delegates at the convention.

Mcguire1971 or "Curious in NC" said...

Yes, I just read about this. She is urging them all to 'support' Obama. I was so excited. I can't tell you how hard I fought on the Obama blog to get them to see that Hillary would do this in the end. I have been so excited over the last week to see that she is doing exactly what I knew she would do!

san said...

*Breaking* Hillary has Definitely NOT Released Delegates (& Call to Action)
By TexasDarlincloseAuthor: TexasDarlin Name: Texas Darlin
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In an earlier story, No Quarter rushed to counter a rumor started today at Taylor Marsh, which published the headline Hillary Releases Delegates, linking to a quote from a delegate who was reportedly on a conference call with Clinton and Ickes last night. Apparently the rumor is now spreading like wildfire across the blogs, including at Politico.

The rumor is FALSE.

I have just received an e-mail message from Mary Boergers, a former Maryland State Senator and a pledged Clinton delegate. Mary was on the conference call with Hillary Clinton last night, and she has given us permission to publish her message in full:

I was on that conference call and there was nothing in Hillary’s comments to indicate that she was releasing her delegates and urging them to vote for Obama on the first vote in Denver. In fact what Harold Ikes said was that the campaign would like to keep Hillary’s delegates together so that she can more effectively fight for issues like universal health care to make sure it is included in the party platform.

This seems like deliberate misinformation. (Sound familiar!)

One of the super delegates who was in London in fact complained about the strong arm pressure from the Obama campaign to immediately (last Friday before Hillary’s speech) switch their vote to Obama.

So to me the strategy is clear. The Obama folks want to try and prevent us from nominating Hillary at the convention and voting for her at the convention. We need to STOP this. Historically losing candidates always have their names put into nomination, give a great speech and then there is a roll call vote. The presumptive nominee gets the majority and then there may be a call to make it unanimous.

We need to make sure that people are aware of this procedure. Once again the Obama people are trying to change the rule of the game, pretending that they were always the rules in order to push Hillary aside. We must keep them from succeeding.

To me this is the most important thing that we can do right now. We need to attack Howard Dean for saying that he hopes there isn’t a role call vote at the convention.

This pressure, heavy handed tactics and “shot gun” marriage effort must end. This is the fight that we need to continue!

Mary Boergers

To repeat Mary’s call to action: We need to attack Howard Dean for saying that he hopes there isn’t a role call at the convention.

Contact Howard Dean:
Phone: 202-863-8000
Fax: 202-863-8174
E-mail: HowardDean@dnc.org


SusanUnPC here: ALL OF OUR READERS & WRITERS: Please do what you can today to quash this rumor around the ‘net. Go to the popular blogs who promoted Hilary during the active phase of her campaign — unnamed — and SET THEM STRAIGHT.

atdnext said...


You're not convincing any of us here. You can play semantics games all you want, but we know Hillary has released her delegates to support Obama. She's a good Democrat who loves her party and loves her country. She wouldn't do something that would endanger party unity.

Psychodrew said...

She held a conference call with her delegates and urged them to support Senator Obama, just as she has asked all of her supporters to do so. But she hasn't officially released them. For now, they are still bound to her on the first ballot.

From Ben Smith:

Hillary Clinton told her convention delegates on a conference call last night that they should support Barack Obama.

"She did a call with delegates to thank them for all of their hard work during the campaign, to celebrate all we accomplished, and to urge them -- as she did on Saturday -- to do everything they can to elect Barack Obama," Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee confirmed.

UPDATE: I'd initially failed to grasp a technicality here: Clinton has not formally released her delegates.


The Clinton aide said there's no power play here: Clinton just wants to make sure her supporters are slated in state delegates and sent to Denver. Her camp pointed to precedent: Bradley in 2000 and Dean in 2004 didn't formally release their delegates until the convention itself.

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