Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Been One Week

Last Tuesday night, after Obama had enough delegates to secure the nomination, I decided to post a diary that would announce my intention to remain loyal to the nominee of my party, even though that nominee was not the woman I had supported during the primary process. The transition has not been easy for me.

Emotionally, it has been hard for me to think of myself as someone who supports Barack Obama. I was for Hillary for so long that it just became ingrained in me that I was against Senator Obama. I have felt like a stranger in a strange land, but I know enough about changing my feelings to know that to change them, I have to do new things. So these are the actions I took:

1. I signed up at Barack Obama dot com and made a $25 donation.

2. I've written several diaries at MyDD and even cross-posted a few of them at daily kos (more on this in a moment.)

3. I told my personal friends off-line what I was doing.

4. I pinned an Obama button to my gym bag.

5. On Saturday, I removed my Hillary bumper sticker on my car and replaced it with an Obama bumper sticker.

A lot of my Hillary friends have not been able to understand what I am doing, and I have become the object of their scorn from some of them who think I have betrayed Hillary. I was surprised and unprepared, so a couple of times, I mixed it up with them on the blogs. Learn from my mistakes: this is not a good strategy.

The Obama supporters at MyDD have been peerlessly gracious. Some of the Obama supporters at daily kos have been gracious, but there is still some latent stuff going on over there, so I think I really may stop trying to post diaries or comments at daily kos.

My friends in real life are just yellow dog Democrats. They were for Hillary, but they never embraced her cause the way I had, so they made the transition with less emotional baggage. They are pleased that I am doing what I am doing.

I am still in the process of my transition. I still am sad that Hillary has lost, and I have not made the whole transition to the new phase of the campaign, but I do know that if I want to change my insides, I have to change my outsides. I am acting my way into this new phase of the campaign, because defeating John McCain is the only thing that is important in presidential politics.

Barack Obama for president!


Anonymous said...

You're further along than I. I'm not ready to contribute money or think about wearing a button. For now, he's got my vote and my commitment to oppose John McCain with all my heart and soul.

I went back to the big orange monster a few days ago to post a unity diary and I got some good responses, but I got enough digs at Hillary and demands for her to apologize that I won't being going back any time soon. I followed Alegre out of that place and I'm not going back until she does.

In the meantime, I'll be making the case against John McCain anywhere and everywhere I can.

DCDemocrat said...

I fear, psychodrew, that all of this is, "acting as if." Aristotle said that if you want to develop a new habit, you should behave like you already have the habit. In fact, there is very good neuroscience that supports Aristotle's insight.

Mcguire1971 or "Curious in NC" said...

I still have my Hillary bumper stickers and still wear my Hillary gear. I'm waiting for Obama to choose a VP so that I can get all the newest gear and bumper stickers. I have contributed to the Obama campaign numerous times.

I want to leave my Hillary bumper sticker on and add the Obama general sticker. I believe it will speak to others who realize that while I supported and loved Senator Clinton that I can also support and love Obama in the general!

DCDemocrat said...

Hi, mcguire: I suppose that would have been a good thing to do. I guess I have been about transitions recently.

atdnext said...


I understand it's still hard. Heck, I still have some raw emotions from last week! Still, I want to thank you for setting a great example for all of us. You're doing great AND you're doing what Hillary would like for all of us who've supported her all the way to do, so keep up the good work! :-)

DCDemocrat said...

thanks, atdnext!

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